Juli is a Family Physician by trade and an Unbreakable Single Mom by passion.

She is the founder of Unbreakable Moms – an online business empowering single mothers to take control of their lives.

During her struggles with PCOS, she discovered the healing powers of nutrition and of the mind.

This led to her study of Integrative Medicine through the AIHM fellowship and opening a concierge DPC practice (julimd.com)

But there was still a big problem.

Her patients didn’t have the skills to take care of themselves, even with an integrative approach.

After her own battle as a full-time single mother raising her infant during residency, (www.unbreakable.mom/residency) she discovered something beautiful.

You cannot change your external circumstances.

But you can change from within.

Juli unleashed her superpowers of self first, responsibility, growth mindset among many others.


Now Juli shares those skills with other Unbreakable Moms. 👊

UnbreakAbility goes beyond resilience.

To be UnbreakAble is to maintain equanimity and THRIVE even in the face of adversity.

Juli has a goal to inspire 1M single mothers to unleash their UnbreakAbility.

Read more at www.unbreakable.mom/residency

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Juli La Rocca, MD
Juli La Rocca