Family Medicine Physician, & Functional Medicine Practitioner

Owner of DirectMed by Dr. Katriny Ikbal

Dr. Katriny Ikbal is a board certified family physician with a passion for patient care. She is a graduate of UT-Austin with a B.S. in Nutrition, Arizona College of Osteopathic Medicine, and UT Southwestern Austin Family Medicine Residency program. Dr. Ikbal is currently training with the Institute for Functional Medicine and plans to become certified in the near future.

Before founding DirectMed in 2015, Dr. Ikbal spent several years working in urgent care. This is where she realized the need for family medicine built around more meaningful patient/doctor relationships focusing on long term health through wellness and prevention. She is devoted to delivering the best and most affordable care possible and firmly believes that optimal care requires continuity with direct access. DirectMed takes care of many local businesses in addition to individuals, couples and families in the greater Austin, TX area.

DirectMed is truly a ‘family’ practice where each patient receives the time and attention they deserve. Neer Patel is Dr. Ikbal’s husband and Practice Manager responsible for business and integration of technology which helps strengthen its patient relationships.

Outside the office, Dr. Ikbal is heavily involved in the community. She enjoys spending time with her family and exploring the world through travel. Dr. Ikbal became a new mother in 2015 and delivered her second child in 2017. First-hand experience of parenthood has brought her a whole new appreciation of all the parents and children she cares for.

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Katriny Ikbal, D.O.
Katriny Ikbal