Holistic Psychotherapist @ Organic Mental Health Center, PLLC

Perinatal Mental Health; Trauma Informed Yoga Therapy; Energy Healing; Alternatives to Pharmaceuticals

Kelli Foulkrod is a holistic psychotherapist, yoga teacher, healing arts practitioner and mental health paradigm shifter. She has a speciality in perinatal mental health and has been serving pregnant and postpartum women and their families for over a decade in Austin, Texas.

Kelli is also passionate about supporting individuals with alternatives to traditional mental health treatments and helps clients find sustainable options to avoid or lessen the use of pharmaceuticals for mental health. Kelli believes in the integration of the body, mind, spirit, and soul for long lasting trauma and PTSD healing and transformation. She combines trauma informed yoga therapy and energy healing modalities with depth psychology and psychodynamic psychotherapy. Kelli has a vision of building a holistic residential mental health care farm and is currently co-creating her team to offer new paradigms in mental health treatments in America.

Kelli is now also part of the Transcend Team, offering Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy.

For more info about Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy visit: https://www.transcendketamine.com/the-transcend-team

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