Kristen has an M.S. in Physician Assistant Studies, and is an Emotional Empowerment & Transformation Expert. Empathic her since early childhood, she found her way into medicine as a Physician Assistant to help people restore their health. Very quickly she experienced compassion fatigue, overwhelm and exhaustion. When told that pills and testing were the “only” solution to her ailments, she became empowered to find a natural way.

Thus began a multi-layered journey of understanding the inner workings of energy systems in our bodies. It began with a whole foods plant based diet where she discovered the gut-brain axis impact on emotional health and energizing effects of plant foods. Then on to breath, where she discovered the peace, calm and rejuvenation that is possible when we remember how to breathe. Through intuitive guidance, she had a life changing experience with a patient who had a miraculous healing from severe alcoholic pancreatitis facilitated through energetic pathways.

In her 7 years as a Physician Assistant, across more than 22K patient interactions in multiple disciplines of medicine, she witnessed the power of touch to facilitate healing. She saw a different way to support healing in others, one that brings fulfillment, peace and joy to everyone, and left medicine. Through her studies of the healing arts, she overcame her own compassion fatigue in the artful dance of healing touch.

Sacred Touch is a radically transformative approach to whole health through emotional energetic release. It is an integrated facilitation using her knowledge and wisdom of the human body as a PA in western medicine, in depth studies of the healing arts, heart language and intuitive understanding of the energetic pathways and points in the human body to create a graceful dance into health. Sacred Touch is born of her vision to re-invent the healthcare industry to one that puts People First Before Profits.

She does this by teaching Sacred Touch to healthcare providers.

Current offerings

Sacred Touch

Kristen Jardine: Sacred Touch, Wednesdays at 3rd Eye Meditation Lounge ATX

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Restore Your Bliss Meditation

at 3rd Eye Meditation Lounge Wednesday’s at 6-7pm

Kristen Jardine, Restore Your Bliss Meditation

Come join me every Wednesday at 3rd Eye Lounge for a deep meditative blissful experience that promises to leave you in a relaxed, calm and peaceful state of well-being and bliss.

We begin by gently tuning in to our heart space with a heart opening cacao. We then enhance the experience with breathing, guided visualization/meditation and human connection through a group experience of Sacred Touch – a radically transformative experience that alters your mental state of well being by journeying within to restore your deep inner sense of peace and bliss.

What to expect: cellular healing through a deep dive into your subconscious and physical body to facilitate clearing of energy blocks that can keep you stuck feeling overwhelm, stress, anxiety and unwell. This is done using Sacred Touch to access deep states of relaxation which bring awareness to the subconscious. Sacred Touch is a unique multifaceted approach which supports bringing awareness and presence to the feelings in our physical and subtle bodies through energy clearing. This stimulates the parasympathetic response in our central nervous system, creating more space for peace, calm and relaxation while rewiring your emotional memories. It is this state which connects us to our inner bliss.

You will be guided into meditation using various techniques, human connection and powerful healing touch.
You may expect to be seated for most of the meditation and lying down to complete the experience in svasana.

Please bring water and whatever else you need to support your comfort during meditation.

Investment $20

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Kristen Jardine

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