Natural Healing Options Doc @ BackBone Wellness Center

“Putting all the puzzle pieces together for a patient and finding solutions.”

“I do not believe in chasing symptoms, it is my goal to get to the root cause of any health issue you may be experiencing. Health is not found through masking symptoms, but through the discovery of the hidden issues causing your body to function less than optimal.”

Dr. Clinton has been living and practicing in Austin since 2000 and has a dedication to learning the most current health information and techniques that allow her to better treat her patients. She takes it seriously that she has been entrusted to care for a patient and will educate the importance of natural treatments such as chiropractic, acupuncture and proper nutrition in order to find a healthy balance in your life to get and stay healthy. Health restoration through the most effective and individually designed treatment is her goal for your care.

Dr. Clinton is trained in chiropractic, acupuncture and functional medicine (IFM) and will utilize the treatment methods best suited to each person for maximum healing benefits. Additionally she works with a group of extremely talented health care practitioners at BackBone Wellness Center offering many integrative treatments with a team approach to healing.

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Kristy Clinton-Hodges, DC, DABCN, IFM
Kristy Clinton-Hodges