Hi, I’m Laura Ann, Life Coach, Wellness Coach and Massage Therapist. As a young woman I was on a serious mission to feel good. I was a master escape artist! From myself and my past trauma, from the world, from pain and discomfort. For more than half my life I was escaping in one form or another, all to avoid looking within myself and feeling/dealing with what I found. It is a miracle I survived the experience.

Finding and pursuing my passion for the healing arts ultimately helped me learn how to love myself, how to release and heal through my past experiences. Today, I am more at peace within myself and more fulfilled in my life than I ever dreamed possible. I have been sober for over a year. Every day I wake up filled with gratitude, for I am living the soul aligned life of my dreams.

As a Life and Wellness Coach it is my joy to be a guide on this journey of well-being for others. My coaching combines inner work with strategies and techniques intended to empower you in breaking through your own blocks so you can manifest the life of YOUR dreams.

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Laura Ann Gilpin

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