CEO and Founder of Freedom Switch, Inc.

Healthcare Practice Growth Expert

I help doctors and healers to grow 6-figure practices FAST and with ease and then SCALE up to 7-figures.

But I have a dirty little secret.

I’m not really a marketer. As a matter of fact, for years I would use the word hate in the same sentence as marketing.

So what changed?

Nothing really. I still don’t like marketing. At least not your typical, run of the mill kind.

But I do LOVE attraction mojo!

When you get it dialed in it actually eliminates the need for traditional marketing and sales.

I tell my clients to stop selling on Facebook or LinkedIn. For reals.

So if you’re a doctor, healer or practitioner who is done being the best-kept secret in your town and you’re in no way or form going to use coercion or manipulation to get new patients.

Then we may be a good fit.

My mom is a nurse and my dad an entrepreneur. So it was only natural for me to merge the two.

For the past 27+ years, I’ve worked in healthcare on the business side – managing 7-figure practices, growing teams, automating systems, streamlining patient care and establishing profitable financial policies.

I started 5 businesses on shoestring budgets and ended up selling two of them for top dollars.

I’ve stumbled across a patient revolution that is lacking leaders.

Today’s patients are tired of being told they have to take a drug for the rest of their life or that the only solution is major surgery. They’re actively searching online, trying to find natural and holistic solutions to their health concerns.

They’re tired of our broken health insurance reimbursement programs. They’re tired of being told what providers they can and cannot see. They’re tired of the red tape.

They’re leading the way to a new healthcare system and they’re in desperate need of your guidance and expertise. But for the most part, they can’t find you because you’re quietly working away in your practice.

That needs to change.

And with it, together, we’ll transform healthcare.

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