Psychotherapist and co-founder of Evolve Therapy

Marci loves being a therapist. Like, really. She finds her role both intellectually stimulating and artistic. She thinks a deep, authentic connection serves as a platform to boost thriving– for both her clients and herself. Due to this belief, Marci intentionally creates an atmosphere within her office of being down-to-earth and fully engaged/receptive.  She has a passion for working with creative intellectuals who have full capacity to make a thriving life, yet are feeling stuck. These people intellectually know their abilities, but can’t get past the belief that they are worthy of a life that is small. Additionally, Marci also enjoys working with chronic illness and dying, helping those suffering from an isolating experience feel less alone.

She obtained her master’s degree at Southern Methodist University and is the co-founder of Evolve therapy. She and her close friend, Grace, created Evolve in order to provide a therapeutic space where the whole person is considered when healing– mind, body, and spirit.

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Marci Lawson, LPC. Co-founder of Evolve Therapy (
Marci Lawson