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Coming from a background of yoga, meditation, NLP, and ecstatic dance, MaryAnn has trained in various modalities of bodywork and energy work. She’s a lifelong learner always seeking to deepen her skills.

MaryAnn has two specialties, which she started practicing in 2013:

Craniosacral Biodynamics facilitates healing from the inside out, for specific physical issues (for example, tension, pain, strain, structural asymmetry, energy blocks, past head injuries) as well as whole body issues (burnout, anxiety, depression, trauma, overwhelm, recovery, insomnia, fatigue, dysregulation).

TMJ Relief integrates various bodywork modalities — including craniosacral therapy and intraoral manual therapy — to release jaw tension, reduce or eliminate clicking or popping, and restore full range of motion. MaryAnn teaches Relaxed Resting Mouth Position to those who are ready to change the habits that are the main cause of jaw tension and pain.


Facebook group: Word of Mouth: Resources for Relieving Jaw Pain/Dysfunction

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MaryAnn Reynolds. Advanced integrative bodywork in Austin, TX
MaryAnn Reynolds