Meg is the founder of Center for Collaborative Medicine.

Center for Collaborative Medicine was founded to provide high quality functional/integrative medical care in Texas by practitioners with prescriptive authority, without the “natural pill for every ill” or the “test everything” approach.

She uses her skills in organizing complex information to find the root causes for a variety of symptoms, evaluating causes rooted in hormonal and thyroid imbalances, poor digestion, decreased cellular membrane resiliency, impaired detoxification pathways, and poor lifestyle habits.

Her areas of expertise:

  • Thyroid conditions (including prescription management)
  • Unrelenting digestive symptoms (e.g. bloating)
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Mycotoxin-associated illness, including CIRS
  • MCAS
  • Health Optimization (e.g. Alzheimer’s prevention, heart disease risk reduction)

Megan is now available through She still maintains her Center for Collaborative Medicine as a resource. Please see her site for a special sign up code for Parsley..

Chronic Digestive Issues Fibromyalgia Health Optimization Mycotoxin Physician Assistant Thyroid

Megan McElroy, founder of Center for Collaborative Medicine
Meg McElroy