Functional Medicine Nurse Practitioner, Holistic Health Coach, Group Fitness Instructor, Hormone Guru

Have you ever gone to see your healthcare provider with bothersome symptoms only to be told, “everything looks normal” ? OR – you are offered an antidepressant, sleeping pill, or some other drug? Or maybe you are told, “it’s just part of life.”

There is a difference between normal and optimal. If you are not even feeling “normal”, then something is definitely off and you have the right to be heard! Your body has an amazing power to heal itself – but only when you give it what it needs and get to the root cause in a holistic way.

Megan is a Functional Medicine Nurse Practitioner, Holistic Health Coach, a Group Fitness Instructor and is certified in Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy and Mind-Body Medicine. She helps women get answers to their unexplained symptoms that are likely related to hormonal imbalances (yes, she helps men too!). Too many women are feeling symptoms such as

  • fatigue,
  • weight gain,
  • brain fog,
  • anxiety and/or depression,
  • insomnia,
  • digestive issues/IBS
  • and many many more –

and are being told it’s part of being a woman, or they have to just live with it. They aren’t getting help.

Megan truly listens to you. She provides comprehensive testing where results are viewed from an optimal point of view. YOU are ⅔ of the picture – the lab results just help fill in the gaps. She makes sure you understand your results and what the improvement plan is every step of the way.

And, she offers free consultations so you can get to know each other first.

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Megan Miller, FNP-C, HHC
Megan Miller