Megan VanMeter, MA, LPC-AT/S, ATR-BC

Licensed Professional Counselor – Art Therapist

Why burn out when you can burn bright? I provide online art therapy to helping professionals who identify with burnout in Austin and the Lone Star State.

Being a helping professional means there’s a heavy emotional workload in your daily endeavors.  You hear intense stories and see intense things.  These put you at risk for compassion fatigue, vicarious traumatization, and secondary traumatic stress.

And then there’s burnout.  Burnout takes those other conditions and sends them into the perfect storm via unrealistic administrative burdens, unreasonable operating guidelines, and unsustainable working conditions.  The end result is a darkening of mood and motivation.

Burnout is both a professional and personal trauma. It eclipses all aspects of your life, making you vulnerable to problems with others and problems with yourself.  But burnout doesn’t have to be the end of your relationships and your career.

I’m Megan, a board-certified registered art therapist and Texas licensed professional counselor with an art therapy specialization, and I first began offering support to helping professionals struggling with burnout in 2013.  In 2021 I established a full-time private practice to fill the void among clinicians who are prepared to treat burnout.  Burnout has a lot in common with anxiety and depression but has a completely different origin, so it requires a different approach.

I’ve helped professionals like you rise from the ashes of burnout through creative mental activity. Art therapy is one of psychotherapy’s original embodied and experiential professions, and it recruits a person’s eyes and hands (visual perception and somatosensory processing) to rouse and engage creative mental activity at physical, emotional, and intellectual levels.  The end result is an integrated you, as your nervous system learns to achieve harmony and flow between your inner world and the world around you.

Are you tired of the burnout-induced clash between what’s happening inside you and what’s expected of you in your professional role? Then please visit to schedule a complimentary 15-minute phone consultation and learn more about how art therapy can help you re-create what burnout has destroyed.

I’m happy to share my light with you; you don’t have to face burnout alone in the dark.

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Megan VanMeter, Online Art Therapy for Burnout Treatment
Megan VanMeter