President, Austin PsychCare

Michelle Magid is the founder and president of Austin PsychCare, a collaborative group of psychiatrists and nurse practitioners that focus on both chemical AND environmental factors that contribute to not feeling well.

In addition to being experts in pharmacology, Dr. Magid and her colleagues focus on the 4 Domains of wellness – Spiritual, Emotional, Physical, and Social. Within these domains, Austin PsychCare places emphasis on the following 7 action items: Increased movement/exercise, Hydration, A diet that feels good for YOU, Social rhythm, Healthy sleep, Good dental hygiene, and Reduced use in drugs, alcohol, smoking.

The Austin Psychcare providers have spent their entire careers becoming experts in both medicine and psychotherapy.

If you are struggling, we will partner with you to get you to a better place. And if you are already doing well, we offer psychotherapy to those who want to understand themselves better, and executive coaching to those who want to up their game.

We provide a one stop-shop to take care of all your mental health needs.

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Michelle Magid MD, MBA. President, Austin PsychCare