Head of Operations @ DirectMed DPC

Employer Benefits Consultant @ VirtuousBenefits.care

Neer Patel is responsible for the business side of things at DirectMed DPC and works together with Dr. Katriny Ikbal and Dr. Katie Keller to provide a patient-centered primary care practice. Check out their website at DirectMed.care

As a direct primary care practice, they are not contracted with any health insurance or third-party payors. Instead, their patients pay an affordable monthly membership fee for unlimited direct access to their physician with exceptional, personalized healthcare.

Neer an engineer by trade, but an entrepreneur at heart. He also comes from a long line of physicians, so he understands Dr. Ikbal’s desire to get family medicine back to what it used to be—real patient-doctor relationships.

In addition to his work with DirectMed DPC, which focuses on individuals and families, Neer also offers and consults on Direct Primary Care benefits plans for businesses. Learn more at: VirtuousBenefits.care

Direct Primary Care

Neer Patel DirectMed DPC Head of operations
Neer Patel