Integrative Health Coach

It is my goal to empower you to find a balance in your life that affords you to be your best self.Nicole Griffis

As your Integrative Health and Holistic Nurse Coach, it is my job to partner with you to find your highest potential for healthy change and realization of your life goals. This process happens through deep listening, reflection, asking many questions, and inviting you to try some exercises that can help you expand your knowledge of your strengths and challenges.

Together, we will be exploring the stories that you tell yourself and how they differ from the stories that you want to and were meant to be living. It is my duty to empower you to access your inner wisdom. By inquiring and exploring this untapped yet powerful resource within, you will find answers, direction, motivation, and new perspectives that start a healing process reaching beyond a single symptom or diagnosis.

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Nicole Griffis, Integrative Health Coach & Nurse Coach.
Nicole Griffis