Nicole Siegel’s work is informed by two modalities: Sexological Bodywork (as seen on Sex, Love & Goop) and doula work. The basic ethos of Body Compass is that the more we learn about our bodies, the more comfortable we feel in them, the better equipped we will be to face certain challenges such as birth and postpartum, to experience our full eroticism, and to move through life with clarity and grace.

Body Compass offers three services: Pleasure coaching and bodywork, doula services, and postpartum healing. The scope of her practice includes men, women, intersex people, birthing people, and postpartum people.

The focus of her practice is to help people heal their relationship to their bodies by using body-based coaching and touch work. Our relationship with our bodies is paramount in so many areas in life: sex, intimacy, birth, love, decision making

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Nicole Siegel