As a graduate from Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts, my passion has been in creating healthy cuisine that is full-flavored and power-packed with higher nutrient-dense ingredients, healing from the inside out. (gut, detox, neurological, and immunity).

With 9 years experience working directly with doctors and practitioners of all kind, creating recipes, researching ingredients, and working to provide recipes free of allergens, I authored my first cookbook, Shoot for Healthy, Clean-Ingredient Nutrition, in 2015.

I am currently switching my focus to homeschooling my 12yo son. As a part of our homeschool structure, we will build our fitness business for kids, OutsideTheBox Parkour For Kids, using nature and structures as our element. Movement. Outdoors.

I grew up as a competitive gymnast, have been a trainer for 20 years and TRX trainer 10 years. I love functional movement! We love playing outdoors. I hope to guide my son and build a successful legend for him, both personally and in business. We want to make a big health impact on the children we connect with. Send us your high-vibes!

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Patricia Cashion

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