Peg is a health and life coach who is on a mission to help people maintain their natural state of health and vitality.

She has been a Crohn’s patient for over 40 years, but it was not until one of her children became deathly ill that she retired from her legal profession of over 20 years as an attorney for the Texas state legislature to stay home and search for answers. Peg’s older child had previously been diagnosed as ADHD when her younger child at age 12 developed anxiety, depression, and various autoimmune and neurological conditions. As a single parent (having lost her ex-husband and still very good friend to multiple myeloma), Peg spent lots of time and money looking for the right information, but without a great deal of luck. Finally, her research led her to some critical information. What she discovered enabled her to support her child not only recover from the severity of these conditions but even develop into a competitive strength and endurance athlete and comedic entertainer happily connected in the community (without ever putting her child on pharmaceuticals).

Having been “awakened” in the process and having realized how many other people also needed help, Peg enrolled in the Health Coach Institute, where she received her training as both a health and life coach.

She also developed her own signature programs with a general focus on developing and maintaining healthy lifestyle habits, but also with specific focus in two areas:

  1. Balancing the gut microbiome; and
  2. Restoring mitochondrial health through deuterium depletion and circadian alignment.

Peg has always been a very loving and nonjudgmental soul eager to share and to help whoever seeks the information.

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Peg Peterson

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