Certified Biofield Tuning Practitioner

Biofield Tuning (also known as “sound balancing“) is a non-medical sound therapy method that works with the power of sound and the human biofield to help alleviate conditions such as pain, anxiety, insomnia, PTSD, chronic stress, emotional overwhelm, stuck emotions, digestive issues, adrenal fatigue and more. Biofield Tuning takes the noise out of the signal, and allows the body to relax, restore and reset. Biofield Tuning is different from a “sound bath”, in that we can identify and target very specifically what is “out of tune” with you, and make a tonal adjustment, often bringing immediate relief from symptoms.

About me: I graduated from The University of Texas at Austin with a double major in English and Psychology and a minor in Communications. I attended the Master’s in Counseling program at Texas State University and graduated in 1999. I have worked as a licensed professional counselor in private practice, in corporate settings, and the University of Texas Counseling and Mental Health Center.

During a major health crisis, I was driven from the traditional medical modal to seek out alternative wellness modalities. I have trained in a variety of energy medicine modalities to restore my health as well as to facilitate change for others. I have always been drawn to the deeply therapeutic benefits of sound. In 2016, I began training as a Biofield Tuning practitioner, and found what I believe is my true calling. I have been fortunate to have done the bulk of my training directly with the creator of Biofield Tuning, Eileen McKusick.

Today my work is exclusively as a Biofield Tuning Practitioner. I bring over 15 years of experience as a psychotherapist to my work as a Certified Biofield Tuning Practitioner, including deep listening skills, and grounded ethics. I have over 10,000 hours of clinical counseling experience in a wide range of issues affecting the mind, body and spirit. I am delighted to help bring this powerful 21st century healing modality to the people of central Texas, and honored to offer this work to people seeking healing and restoration of their health and well-being.

My background also includes 10 years working as a gardener and landscaper, and a deep love of choral singing.

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Shannon Brooks