Radical Health Restoration Coach and Owner of Austin Muscle Restoration @ Austin Muscle Restoration

Shannon has 20 years of experience working with people as a psychologist, life and health coach and a people manager. She has a masters degree in Psychology, she has 4 coaching certifications, and she is an Irlen Syndrome screener. Her coaching areas of expertise include: health and wellness; strengths and unleashing authenticity; and interdependent communication and relationships.

Shannon is also the owner of Austin Muscle Restoration (AMR). AMR is a unique wellness clinic specializing in muscle restoration for people with pain or movement limitations from acute or chronic injury, TBI or stroke, autoimmune or chronic illness, drug reaction or aging. AMR is also an Autoimmune & Injury gym with specialized personal training for people with stroke or TBI, autoimmune conditions or injury that makes exercise a challenge. AMR also offers health coaching classes, Irlen screenings, non-invasive pelvic floor and diaphragm muscle restoration, ocular concussion protocols, and personal training for anyone of any age or fitness level in a non-judgmental environment.

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Shannon Pickering
Shannon Lea Pickering