Hypnotherapist, Life Coach, and Nutritional Counselor @ Siri Wellness

Anxiety & Stress Relief, Digestive Wellness, & Overcoming Self-Limiting Beliefs

I’m a certified Hypnotherapist, Nutritional Counselor, and Life Coach, specializing in mind/body/spirit optimization. I help people upgrade various aspects of their lives, whether that be career, relationships, health, or experiencing more joy & peace in their lives. Hypnotherapy is amazing for working through subconscious blocks or limiting beliefs, for future envisioning, and tapping into inner strengths. Coaching helps in designing a plan with specific action steps designed to achieve a goal, and then holds individuals accountable so they can reap the benefits of ongoing follow-through. Nutrition is a valuable piece in assuring your body and mind are functioning at optimal levels with plenty of energy, healthy digestion, and to ensure you are feeling good in your own skin.

I offer both individual sessions in any of these modalities, along with packages that combine these various techniques for anyone looking for more comprehensive programs.

Anxiety Coaching Digestion Health Hypnosis Hypnotherapy Limiting Beliefs Nutrition Stress Subconscious Blocks

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