“I compassionately guide others through periods of unknown to remember the essence of who they are, align with the personal growth cycles, and embody their truth.” Stacy Quast

Stacy Quast is an Intuitive Archetypal Astrologer, Life Strategist and Transformational Movement Facilitator. She is fiercely committed to guiding people to live a more conscious and connected life of feeling worthy, present and liberated. Clients confidently and authentically move forward while embracing their purpose and passions.

Being witness to these transformational shifts makes her heart sing. Stacy’s work combines psychological and spiritual perspectives. She intuitively reads subconscious patterns and archetypes that are in the natal chart. Her guidance is empathic, deep, practical and tailored to each individual client.

Her educational background includes Sacred Contracts work of Caroline Myss, Archetypal Astrology with Robert Ohotto, Mastery Higher Brain Living Facilitator, Qoya Teacher, flower essence practitioner, photography, journalism, graphic design, psychology, mythology, shamanic studies, and energy work.

Stacy holds transformational retreats, works 1 on 1, and teaches embodied movement classes connected to the astrological cycles. Through this she helps guide people to connect and feel their truth, remember their essence, and intuitive guidance and live more from this connected and conscious place.

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Stacy Quast

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