David Hrostoski and Miriam Wagoner are co-founders of The Second Paradigm—a spiritual education company with a focus on grounded spirituality.

David is a channel for a being named B, who helps lay context for the sometimes confusing spiritual landscape.

Miriam is an artist and mentor, who creates powerful visual reminders of soul called Art of Truth.

Together, we help spiritually-minded people to make sense of soul and to fully trust themselves and their intuition in life and business.

We believe in the deeply precise and practical nature of Soul, and that everyone can find both peace and clarity in their circumstances through their intuitive knowing.

Normally, you can find us running courses and programs to help dial in that intuitive connection and sort through the rollercoaster of thoughts and emotions that arise when we choose ourselves.

But with the latest changes to our collective life, we’ve really pulled back our focus from higher-ticket courses and programs, and instead put all of our energy into helping people in accessible yet powerful spaces.

Right now, that looks like ongoing support through both our free and paid communities, and accessible 1-on-1 support via channeled sessions with David.

For all the latest, join our free FB community where you’ll find, among other things, a meditation to help cut through the massive external pressure and settle back into Peace and your personal truth:


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David Hrostoski and Miriam Wagoner are co-founders of The Second Paradigm

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