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Whitney Brandon

Meet Whitney Brandon, Cultivator at Treegarden in Austin, and Farmer at Blue Butterfly Farm in Dripping Springs.

Treegarden is Cultivating Collaborative Community through Nature + Education + Art + Wellness + Outreach.

The magical Treegarden Studio + Gardens in East Austin are home to a wide variety of Creative Programs + One-of-a-kind Workshops + Community Events + Outreach Opportunities uniquely designed to nurture + grow our collaborative community.

Each Treegarden program is creatively handcrafted to inspire + engage folks of all ages, interests, and abilities ~ There’s something special for everyone in our Family Tree!

Treegarden is blessed to host an amazing lineup of workshop leaders:

~ Natural Wellness Providers + Producers: Integrative + Holistic Physicians, Herbalists, Farmers, Chefs, Yoga, Massage, Qi Gong, Tai Chi, Reiki ~

~ Creative Leaders: Artists, Musicians, Photographers, Writers, Florists ~

~ Even a Handywoman to teach DIY home improvement workshops! ~

At Treegarden, we are passionate about nurturing the community. Treegarden is collaborating with many local non-profits to host charitable outreach events + volunteer opportunities to support the wellness of the community and our world.

Treegarden is cultivating for the community, and I would LOVE to hear about what kind of workshops + events would interest + inspire you!

And, if you would like to lead a workshop at Treegarden, please let me know!

Thanks and I look forward to cultivating + collaborating with you!

– Whitney Brandon

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Whitney Brandon