CEO @ Phoenix Vision

Specialties: Business Coach; Spiritual Coach; Psychic

Vicky Tran is a former New York lawyer turned spiritual specialist. Her magical abilities include helping people see what is the next step in the flow of life, what their blind spots are, and what their blockages are and where they stem from, including helping people work through all of the above.

Every workshop she has held has been transformational, and every reading she has given has been “spot on,” or so she’s been told countless times. Reviews are posted on the Facebook page under “Reviews” as well as “Photos.”

She has worked diligently in order to ensure that the information she receives and the way she presents it is from a pure source and exactly transmitted the way divine guidance wills it, and works hard to make sure she is of the utmost integrity in her work.

Business Coaching Business Growth Coach Health Holistic Intuitive Life Coach Mind-Body Awareness Psychic Speaker Spiritual Spiritual Coach Spirituality Wellness

Victoria Tran