How it works

Get the most from our community

AWC is a community built for connection.

Our goal is to connect everyone to healers and to connect healers to each other.

AWC’s core features can be grouped into:

1. Offerings for Everyone (including the public):

  • Our Directory: find and connect with wellness professionals
  • Our Blog: learn more about our members
  • Our public social media: special features, news and offerings

2. Free Facebook Group for Wellness Practitioners:

  • Private Facebook Group for Austin area wellness practitioners.
    • Ask for help from our community.
    • Free networking opportunities! 🙂
    • Opportunities to promote your practice!

3. Website Offerings:

Our website offerings are now free, courtesy of Jazael Martinez, AWC administrator.

Donations are optional but greatly appreciated:

  • Get listed on the AWC directory!
  • Get promoted! Drive more people to your business!
  • Get connected! Additional and personalized networking with our community.

Offerings for Everyone:

The AWC Member Directory

Learn about our members and their offerings. Follow our social pages and blog to get special offers and save money on health & wellness! Visit their sites to learn even more and get in touch with them.

Our latest members:

The AWC blog

Our members blog on a wide range of topics in the health and wellness space. Some of our members even contribute on big sites like WebMD!

Learn tips from our nutritionists, therapists, physicians and more!

Our latest blogs:

Follow Us on Social Media

Utilize our Public FB Page

We regularly post our member features here, as well as some quick shares from our member pages. This typically includes specials from our members so stay tuned for savings and special offerings! 🙂

We’re also on Instagram!

Free Benefits for Wellness Professionals:

If you’re a wellness professional in the Austin area you can join the action for free!

Interact with our community and connect to our established network of wellness professionals who believe in our message of “Collaboration Over Competition“.

In our Facebook group you can post your questions to get referrals and access the wealth of resources in the group. Whether you’re starting out or are an established practice you can find help in the group.

We also provide special “Free share” opportunities to share your latest offerings to the group, even if you’re not a contributing member you can get a little help too.

Request to join here:

& That’s not all folks!

Website Offerings:

Our website is now funded only by donations, we no longer have our membership program but you can still get listed and get your work promoted through our site.

There are many benefits for members, outlined on our home page but just how does it work?

Get listed!

The AWC health and wellness directory is utilized daily by people on the web looking to connect with wellness practitioners.

Being listed will drive more people to your websites, and may be the source of your next steady client relationship.

Get Promoted!

We re-share and post member updates on our social accounts every day! Get more eyes on your offerings!

We also run special member features and interviews for an extra boost to your marketing strategies!

Get connected!

If you need extra help getting connected with other professionals in our network, be it for referrals, hiring helpers, or finding new equipment or a new home for your practice. We can help!


**Our meetings are not currently available but get in touch to stay up to date.

Our Monthly Meet-Ups are exciting opportunities for professionals to meet in person, build the community and also present your craft in speeches or by setting up to demo or give samples of your offerings.

*During the pandemic things are more restricted but we will again have speaking opportunities at large public conventions and small venues alike. Typically we get special entry rates for our members at conferences.

We also offer special member-only outings including hikes, yoga, workshops, and more!

**Some events are offered to non-member practitioners for fees, and some member-only events have small fees where needed to cover costs.

Free tech. consultations!

Our webmaster, Jazael Martinez, is available to chat with you about your website(s) and tech strategy. If you need help choosing between appropriate technologies, or need pointers on getting broken things fixed reach out!

Reach out to get started!

Any time you have questions about anything. We’re here to help ❤️

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