November 2, 2019 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm

AWC’s November Monthly Meet-Up!

Featuring Jon Zieve



"an Operating System Upgrade for Consciousness"

"AT just became available in the US in 2015 but in Europe and Scandinavia it has been available since the late 90's with over 100,000 people AuraTransformed including; school teachers, nurses, parents, artists, politicians, business executives, engineers, massage therapists, yoga teachers, etc. People are called to AuraTransformation™ for the following reasons:

To live to their fullest potential.
To feel more protected from feeling other’s emotions.
To prevent themselves from being drained by patients/clients.
To be on the same wavelength as their children and grandchildren.
Connect to creativity on another level.
More self-awareness in relationships.

For more information, see"


Learn more about Jon Zieve here


*Details subject to change.

Health & Wellness Professionals are Welcome to join our meetings.

Normal attendance fee is $25, but your First meeting is Free and also included in our Official Membership starting at just $11/month.

*Meeting details available upon request. Get in touch today.

Thank you

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