AWC Meet-Up! "Rhythm Circle & Tree Gong"

AWC Meet-Up! “Rhythm Circle & Tree Gong”

March 12, 2020 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm
To Be Determined
Austin, TX
March Meet-Up! Social, Rhythm Circle by Suzy Bertran, "Tree Gong" by Dr. Cass Naumann. Thur. March 12th 2020 6PM. Message for details.

Treegarden is honored and excited to host the Austin Wellness Collaborative March Meetup!

Please join us for an evening of Fun + Food + Fellowship at Treegarden!

Opening Rhythm Circle led by the lovely Suzy Turner

Beautiful Backyard-Fresh Bites by Indigo Mathewson, the lovely cultivator of culinary creations! @indyycook on Instagram

Closing sunset Tree Gong meditation led by Dr. Cass Naumann.

Thursday, March 12, 2020 ~ 6 - 8 PM

Message us for more info.

Treegarden is Cultivating Collaborative Community through

Nature + Education + Art + Wellness + Outreach.

The magical Treegarden Studio + Gardens in East Austin are home to a wide variety of

Creative Programs + One-of-a-kind Workshops + Community Events + Outreach Opportunities uniquely designed to nurture + grow our collaborative community.

Each Treegarden program is creatively handcrafted to inspire + engage folks of all ages, interests, and abilities.

There’s something special for everyone in our Family Tree!

I look forward to Cultivating + Collaborating with the AWC at Treegarden!

- Whitney Brandon

Rhythm Circle

led by Suzy Turner

Relieve stress, release negative feelings, boost your immune system, and create connection.
These are just a few of the ways Group Drumming can help transform your health & well being. Plus, its FUN!

Tap into your inner rhythm as we laugh and explore together all while enjoying the uplifting and unifying experience of group drumming.

Led by trained HealthRhythms Facilitator, Suzy Turner of Soulshine Rhythm Experience,

this is a place where anyone can play, regardless of experience.

Drumming is an ancient healing practice found in every culture around the world.

Come join us and experience the healing power of rhythm for yourself!

Drums & percussion provided, but feel free to bring your own drum if you have one.

See you in the circle!


Tree Gong

led by Dr. Cass Naumann

Tree Gong ~ A play on words with Qi Gong (energy work) and the natural exchange of energy between humans and trees:

though not the only exchange, an easy place to start and experience is the oxygen- carbon dioxide exchange.

We can practice breathing in from the roots of the tree up through our feet on the ground, exhaling from the crown of our heads to the crown of the tree.

And play with doing this in reverse- breathing in the oxygen the tree is giving off her crown to our crown and exhaling that through our feet to the roots of the tree.

Another lovely practice is to meditate with a tree. Standing and gazing at one fixed point and noticing the field around the tree-

letting your eyes soften and see what you notice: maybe exquisitely fine details or maybe a more general observation of the tree’s story, yours, both, or life itself.

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