“Weight a Minute” Podcast by Path Nutrition

Jessica Pearson & Beth Barnett-Boebel of Path Nutrition present the “Weight a Minute” podcast. Jessica is a Certified Body Image & Weight Loss Coach and Beth is an Integrative Nutrition Therapist. The “Weight a Minute” podcast covers topics in nutrition and health. It brings levity to the profound conversations about body image, diet culture, and […]

Learning to Enjoy the Journey

By Colleen Flynn Functional Nutritional Therapist Colleen trained at the Nutrition Therapy Institute and is certified through the Nutritional Therapy Association, BioIndividual Nutrition Institute and Restorative Wellness Solutions Functional Lab Testing. She is a whole-food and wellness enthusiast and believes that food should please your taste buds while nourishing your body. Colleen has an upcoming […]

On Grieving

By River Roaring River spent over 20 years as a trial attorney and lobbyist who owned her own law office by the courthouse. She walked away at the height of her career to fulfill her mission to support healthy sexuality and relationship. She is the founder of Uncage Love: Healthy Love, Sex & Intimacy Coaching […]

Grounding Your Body to the Safety of Right Here Right Now

By Flourish Psychotherapy & Nutrition Flourish Psychotherapy and Nutrition, LLC was formed to create a mindfulness-based services business for the curious, holistic, and eclectic Austin, Texas community.  We serve all individuals over the age of 18 years including the BIPOC, LGTBQ+ and Latinx communities. Flourish! values inclusivity and we provide judgment-free space for all to […]