Mantras of Bad B-tches

Introducing Jenna Valentine’s Book: Mantras of Bad B*tches! Dr. Jenna Valentine is one of Austin’s Acupuncturists and Wellness practitioners helping people live healthier lives. Jenna offers acupuncture, cupping therapy and TuiNA body work services to help her patients reach their healing goals. She also utilizes her psychology background and training to provide in-depth intimacy coaching […]

Sternum Connections Class

by Vivian Best Vivian Best is a Guild Certified Feldenkrais PractitionerCM.  The Feldenkrais Method has given her relief from pain and has helped her to empower others to take better care of themselves.  She teaches self-aware self-care, and her compassionate guidance has helped instill a sense of pleasure in movement and bring vitality and ease to […]