I’m Camille Kinzler. I am a boys’ mom of two super sweet, curious, energetic life forces. I am a wife to a creative, sensitive, and encouraging man.

I am a Physician Assistant who practices root-cause medicine. I have spent my career connecting to people in rural Texas, outside of Austin.

I love travel, photography, water, Sunday mornings with my family, and alone time.

After 20+ years drinking alcohol in one capacity or another, I made the decision to end my relationship that was becoming to intimate, co-dependent, and destructive.

It was the best/hardest decision (as most important decisions are) of my life, and I cannot believe it took me so long to break the ties.

More importantly I cannot believe more women aren’t shouting from the rooftops, SOBRIETY IS THE BOMB!!

Once I quit drinking for good, my world opened up in ways I cannot explain.

I connected more with my family, and community. My relationships with friends, family, patients and colleagues became deeper.

My voice and purpose became louder, and clearer. I am finally becoming the woman I always new I was inside.

We need to link arms as women. Build ourselves up.

Not hide behind alcohol to make us feel sexy, secure, beautiful, and heard.

We need to polish that inner shine, and open our arms to what the world has to offer.

I’d love for you to join us in the movement.

Root-Cause Medicine Sobriety

Camille Kinzler