Hi, I’m Clay Womack, Practice Administrator for both Westlake Medical Arts and ATX Hyperbarics.  I handle the day to day business operations and lead the research efforts to support our practitioners and patients.  I had a 30 year career as an investment banker before making the much more rewarding transition to “Health” care a little over 5 years ago.

Westlake Medical Arts, led by Dr. Eleanor P. Womack, MD, is widely recognized as the most advanced anti-aging and functional medicine clinic in Texas.  Our clinic serves a national clientele of families seeking the very best clinical advice and the latest in natural biochemical and technology solutions for human optimization, cerebral asset management, chronic disease management, age management and more.

Our ATX Hyperbarics clinic utilizes element based treatments with oxygen, light and pressure to permanently modify over a third of the protein encoding genes in the human body for longevity, inflammation reduction, performance and recovery.  The “BioHacking” protocols we use were recently highlighted in an article in GQ Magazine.  ATX Hyperbarics is operated in a “provider neutral” manner to provide technological support for any and all other practitioner’s patients in order to maximize their patients’ results to Live Longer Stronger!

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Clay Womack, ATX Hyperbarics