NTP, CFT, BS @ Wellness Changer

Food as medicine paired with physical movement to heal the body

Transforming your health is so much more than a diet. It requires a lifestyle transition with optimal digestion and bodily function. A Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (NTP) identifies possible nutrient deficiencies using functional evaluation, palpation, clinical assessment tools, inquiry, and the Nutri-Q software. A NTP develops an individualized plan for each client’s unique needs. The human body has an amazing ability to restore wellness when supported with the raw materials necessary to function at its optimal potential. A RESTART instructor will work with a group in education, sugar detox, and camaraderie to meet weight management goals. Improvements can be seen in:​

Digestion & Sugar Handling
Allergy & Immune function
Endocrine Issues
Cardiovascular Health
Weight Management

Autoimmune Cardiovascular Digestive Health Endocrine Health Inflammation Metabolic Disease Nutrition Nutrition Therapy Practitioner Weight Management

Jeanne Lindquist Wisniewski