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Lauren’s attuned and sensitive approach to healing through Craniosacral Therapy is supported by more than twenty years of experience and specialization within the fields of embodiment and somatic practices. She assists clients in learning to speak and understand the language of the body, inviting them to come into a state of presence where they learn to notice sensation, feelings and at times subtle shifts within. It is in this place of presence where the healing process can really flourish – a process that is not as linear as it is circular or cyclical. Lauren works with clients who come in for treatment with a wide range of symptoms including anxiety and depression, car accident injuries, post-concussion syndrome, acute and chronic illness, post-Covid symptoms to relational, emotional and physical trauma.

Craniosacral Therapy is a non-invasive form of therapy. It is a gentle modality that nevertheless can work quite powerfully with restoring balance to the nervous system, and also ultimately works with all of the body systems. With respect for the inherent intelligence of the body, Lauren partners with each client to support their unique tempo and pace through the course of treatment. This relationship that develops with her clients is essential, as it establishes a ground for trust and safety, creating a relational field in which the body can reorganize, repair and heal naturally. Lauren brings warmth, openness, curiosity and empathetic listening to support this process. We are by our very biology, relational creatures and Lauren delights in partnering with clients on this journey. If you are thirsty for a more intimate relationship with yourself and your body; are ready to release old tension patterns that are no longer serving you; and open to investigating this process through your inner experience of felt sense sensations and feelings; and are looking for support in this endeavor, then she would love to support you.

Lauren is a Registered Craniosacral Therapist (RCST), Licensed Manual Therapist (LMT), she also holds an MFA in dance/interdisciplinary arts. She is also an advanced level certified Pilates teacher. She also teaches and facilitates a range of movement classes and workshops (now online) in Contemplative Dance /Authentic Movement practice as well as other movement modalities. Her practice in somatic therapies coexists with her other creative endeavors as a dance artist & dance maker, qi gong enthusiast, meditator, lover of the desert, amateur singer and filmmaker.

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