With deep experience in the skin care industry, Brooke specializes in a holistic approach to facial rejuvenation through ancient Chinese Medicine and acupuncture along with modern techniques.

Brooke began a career in skin care many years ago after she found her own skin in accelerated aging after spending years in the sun as a flyfishing instructor and guide. She became an esthetician, and eventually moved to Seattle, then Australia where she worked as a global educator and brand manager for a range of organic skincare in the spa industry. She has also worked to assist other brands with formulation of products, and now teaches her patients how to make good choices for their skin in nutrition and products or ingredients, as well as helping them utilize facial devices like guasha at home.

She chose to study Chinese medicine to further her skills, knowing she needed the benefit of treating the skin from the inside out – treating the body as a whole allows healing to take place in systems that have a direct impact on the skin, not just topically.

Her system works for improving your health, skin and wellbeing – you will find you sleep better, have improved digestion, less stress, less pain, less inflammation. Many issues of the skin resolve or improve when any one of the above improve, but her treatments also target specific complaints related to the skin or appearance. She also implements the teachings of CT Holman and Applied Facial Diagnosis after taking his course.

Brooke’s treatment is a natural alternative to more invasive procedures to get the results you want – a healthier, more vibrant complexion and youthful appearance. Incorporating techniques like acupuncture for the face and body, guasha, facial cupping, organic skincare, LED light therapy, and herbal medicine, each treatment is customized to the individual needs.

The difference with these treatments is you will feel better, not just have less wrinkles – you literally look and rested, bright and lifted.

Brooke pulls all of her knowledge together to help women and men look and feel their best. She looks forward to starting a healing journey with you!

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Brooke Taylor, LAc, MAcOM

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