Christina’s Color Story & Integrative Color Therapy Practice

Christina Dietz learned lessons of a lifetime from being sick & undiagnosed in her early twenties prompting her to miraculously crave color: in fruits & veggies, creating colorful art, & drawn to vibrant countries like New Zealand, Bali, India, Mexico, & the western coast of Australia. Later to find out, her bizarre intuitive color craving was her body & mind supporting herself during her battle with mycotoxin poisoning aka “black mold” poisoning. While undiagnosed & unaware, she instinctually used her intuition through color in a myriad of practical ways to help heal herself emotionally, mentally, & spiritually, even physically.

Now, Christina has an integrative color therapy practice in Austin. She practices Aura-Soma, a natural sensory therapeutic approach to self-growth and transition using the positive effects of plant & mineral infused Color– originally from London & mostly practiced in Japan. She gives you a magical loving space & a replenishing relaxing tool of wisdom to direct your own transformative growth by remembering who you are. You receive subconscious insight to live your Life from your true nature of love, clarity, harmony, & peace.

Color Therapy Art: Juice for the Human Spirit

I create medicinal color therapy art to nourish and enliven our spirit to carry us along the human journey.

I believe we are the stars. We are quite literally composed of light cells and everything we physically interact with in our world is light energy. Through color, different wavelengths of light, we can experience rich loving miraculous Oneness. We are so blessed to be together. This light cell art is made by lighting colors on fire over a clear glass panel. I am thankful to be a part of them freely creating and transforming themselves right before my eyes. In person, the art feels and looks alive. Divinely kissed.

Aura-Soma Color Therapy Facilitator Healing Personal Growth Transition

Christina Dietz