Spiritual Advisor, Shamanic Practitioner and Reiki Master

@ Restful Waters

Intuitive guidance for empowered living.

Mary uses her shamanic healing and mediumship abilities to find and open doorways into higher states of awareness, where we can be introduced to our highest potential and begin living a more fulfilled life. She works with others to help them heal old emotional wounds, break free of limiting beliefs and thought processes, and gain insight to a deeper level of innate wisdom.

Much like the Incan Cross (or Chakana) in the Restful Waters logo, there are many facets and angles to which one must consider when seeking profound and complete healing. Mary uses intuitive insight to tap into all of the aspects of our human experience and offers complete healing for the mind (mental aspect), body (physical aspect), and spirit (emotional aspect).

Empowerment Life Coach Reiki Shamanic Practitioner Spiritual Advisor

Mary Louise, Shamanic Healing & Spiritual Counseling. restfulwaters.com
Mary Louise