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Antioxidant free radical relationships.

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Excerpt From HelioPatch.com:

Heliopatch is the only product to use electrons chemically instead of electrically. When electrons act chemically they want to bond with a molecule, they cannot just stay free floating. The molecules that they bond with are free radicals. Which are molecules that have a missing or unpaired electron.
We use specially refined elemental magnesium as the source of the electrons. This is the metallic form of magnesium and is very different from what you get in supplements or vegetables. Those forms have already lost their electrons.

We chose elemental magnesium for the following three reasons –
1) It can donate with the greatest energy of all the safe elements. Which means it can target the most radicals
2) It can donate two electrons for every one atom. This is part of the reason each patch can last up to 72 or more hours.
3) Magnesium is nutritious for the body.

This equates to pain relief and normalizing of range of motion because free radicals are a major component of pain creation, so by neutralizing them before they have a chance to steal an electron from the body we can help reduce the various issues created by free radicals.

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