Andrea Rábago (Dre) is the operator & owner of TRE® Therapy Austin.

Serving a myriad of individuals & couples as a licensed mental health therapist. She is particularly drawn to working with Empaths, healing professionals, evolutionary frontrunners & people exploring a natural healing path.

I am an intuitive healer, teacher & space holder for individuals & the collective as they expand into new potentials & healing power— through grace, love, kindness & an edge lighthearted fun.

In my practice I blend science & spirituality to help garner the healing & growth every body, mind & spirit are purely capable of.

Working with me can feel like being with a gentle, dedicated & compassionate friend. Sometimes I’ll resemble a mirror so you can experience a clear reflection of your truth. I will literally travel with you to the heart of the matter & assist as you connect with whatever is necessary for you.

I’ll help you anchor amongst the waves & find your true north. I speak truthfully & simply. I strive to move at your pace.

We will invite the participation of your core self (the good, the bad & the ugly) to be seen, nourished & understood — & to help you do life & relationships on your own wild & beautiful terms.
Dre Rábago

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Dre Rábago, Licensed Mental Health Therapist
Dre Rábago