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Christina Cohee

I was introduced to yoga in the early 90s through a magazine. My life was chaotic and unpredictable, and I was drawn to the serenity I found in practicing the postures and breathing techniques. In college I enjoyed the physical release of an asana practice, but it wasn’t until I was debilitated by chronic and mystery illness that I discovered the breadth of yoga as a healing modality.

After suffering for close to 20 years, a friend invited me to a restorative yoga class. After the first class, I thought it was a waste of time and money. I kept going (to be with my friend), and amazingly, after a few weeks I began feeling better. I was curious to know why “doing nothing” was affording me some relief. Thus began my journey through teacher training.

I completed a Foundations of Yoga Therapy 200-hour training, and knew I wanted to become a yoga therapist. I graduated from the Practice School of Yoga Therapy and now have a thriving practice as a C-IAYT. I have had the privilege of both learning from and serving as an assistant for Judith Hanson Lasater in restorative yoga training. I have completed studies in Yoga of 12 Step Recovery (Y12SR), Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR), and a Neuro-Rehabilitation Program for Chronic Illness, among many others.

I now live a life free from chronic conditions. My work with clients comes from a place of lived experience with chronic illness and recovery. I enjoy guiding clients with dysregulated nervous systems, trauma, and chronic conditions (and others, too) to befriend their bodies, connect with joy and ease, and ultimately connect with and live from their wholeness.

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Christina Cohee
Christina Cohee