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5 Ways Occupational Therapy Can Support Your Child

Child receiving sensory integration therapy with occupational therapist in yoga swing
Kali Campbell, Occupational Therapist Austin TX

Kali Campbell is an occupational therapist serving children and their families in Austin, Texas and the owner of Empowering Play, LLC. She specializes in sensory processing and mental health challenges.

Hey there! My name is Kali Campbell and I’m an occupational therapist in Austin, Texas. I am deeply passionate about how occupational therapy can positively impact children and their families. In this post, I’ll share five common reasons parents seek out occupational therapy for their child and how it can provide support.

Occupational therapy is all about an individual’s ability to participate in the activities they want to do and need to do in their daily lives. Occupational therapy can identify where an individual’s challenges are stemming from and enhance functioning through targeted treatment interventions.

Read about the 5 ways occupational therapy can support your child on Kali’s blog!

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