Colette Davenport is the founder of Badass Empath United, a business and leadership development organization that helps coaches, healers, and visionaries come out of hiding and claim their roles in the transformational space. As an international coach, speaker and author Colette is activating aspiring empaths so they can heal themselves, help others, and make six figures doing it.

Featured offerings:

Light Worker Launch

“Start Your Online Business and Market Your Medicine to the People Who Are Hungry to Hire You”

Are you a lightworker who knows how to help people but you’re struggling to make a steady income? Let’s get you magnetizing your ideal clients with marketing that gets results.

YOUR people need you to speak directly to them. Your job is NOT to be everything to everyone. When you know exactly who you serve and why, they will literally say to you, “I’m so glad I found you.”

Lightworker Launch is perfect for healers and holistic service providers who want to make a living sharing their ‘medicine’.

Kick-Ass Confidence Online Course

“The Empath’s Guide to Getting Unstuck and Empowered AF”

Do you feel as if you are always getting in your own way? Do you have social anxiety and bad habits that are keeping you from the life you dream of?

This course is for Empaths and Highly Sensitive People who are ready to stop living in doubt, start kicking some ass, and change their lives.

You don’t have to struggle with your sensitivities.

Take this course and get the clarity, confidence, and direction to take your life to a whole other dimension.

For 50% off any level of the Kick-Ass Confidence Online Course use Promo Code: HALFOFF

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Colette Davenport
Colette Davenport