Colleen Flynn is a Functional Nutritionist and the founder and owner of Nutritional Zest, LLC, a private nutrition practice based in Austin, Texas, where she was recently voted one of the top three nutritionists in the area by Austin Fit Magazine. She is also an instructor at Restorative Wellness Solutions, a program that bridges a multitude of functional nutrition approaches to elevate practitioners’ ability to solve the most challenging client symptom presentations.

She is a whole food and wellness enthusiast who is passionate about the body’s innate intelligence to respond to well-crafted holistic health practices. She excels in helping women and men reconnect with their bodies while empowering them to nourish themselves in an enjoyable, sustainable way, and to thrive through implementing wellness routines that suit their unique needs. Specializing in gut health, digestive disorders, energy regulation, and the mindset necessary for lasting health and habit change, Colleen utilizes the principles of functional nutrition to dig deeper into her clients’ chronic health complaints to discover the root cause and to create detailed protocols to bring them back into balance.

Colleen’s interest in holistic nutrition and her journey to become a Functional Nutritionist began with the reversal of her own health issues through various nutrition and wellness practices. What started as a personal calling evolved into a mission to empower others to take control of their own well-being.

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Colleen Flynn, Functional Nutritional Therapist
Colleen Flynn, NTP, RWS