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Julie Freeman & Denise Cordero work together to provide “Intrinsic Wellness” services at

Intrinsic Wellness was born out of Julie and Denise’s shared visions to bridge the best of physical medicine and energy medicine, both western and eastern, ancient and modern. It is with a deep understanding that in doing so, we are able to create true wellness and profound transformation for our clients beyond health as most people know it. Our collective experiences, both personally and professionally in the world of health and well-being feels like the perfect synergy to achieve this. We use a combination of formal education, apprenticeships and a deep listening to Spirit as it guides and informs us on how to connect with and support each precious person in our presence.

Services include:

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Medical Nutrition Therapy

an insurance-based option for those who are bound to using their insurance for nutritional therapies.

Weigh Less

A six-month comprehensive program that includes personalized assessment, meal planning, supplementation and a weekly group meeting for ongoing learning and support.

Women’s Optimal Health

a deep dive into the challenges that women face with regard to the interaction of various hormonal states, genetics, environmental, lifestyle and stress factors.

Complete Wellness

for anyone ready to up-level in all areas – mind, body, soul […] In this model, we will address genetics from a biological perspective, assess functional labs, create a personalized supplement and menu plan based upon this information.

Soul Mentoring Program Reconnection Coaching

[Step] more fully into your innate truth and purpose. By coming back to center and looking inward, we begin to tap into an infinite source of wisdom. […] we work towards wholeness on all levels: the physical level, the mental level and the energetic level with the guide of the natural healing arts.

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