Certified Rolfer & Certified Hakomi Practitioner

I combine Rolfing, Mindful Movement, and Body-Mind Coaching to teach people how to leverage the information in their bodies to accelerate their growth & development through transition, whether working to rewire chronic pain or moving through a shift in career or life path.

My journey really began in earnest with deep dissatisfaction with the direction my life was heading.

Navigating a 12-year career in investment banking & corporate finance, I gradually realized that while I had physical health and financial success, I was lacking the emotional and spiritual alignment my System craved. I’d spent my life oriented toward external goals, so I didn’t have an integrated sense of Self – an interconnected wisdom based on the information my body, mind, and spirit were giving me – to rest into when the clear path ahead suddenly disappeared when I failed to get a critical promotion.

What I didn’t know at the time was that this spiritual kick-in-the-ass marked the beginning of a lifelong process of self-discovery and transformation. Moving forward required that I learn how to transform myself in a way that wasn’t just based on physical or mental discipline. These were old tools that I could easily call on, but at this stage in my life they were only keeping me headed down the same tired road. They were failing me and I had to learn it the hard way.

For something new to happen I had to learn how to turn my attention inward to discover what I really wanted so I could be on a satisfying path. And, I had to learn the critical skill of recognizing those unseen places where I kept myself from progressing forward.

As my personal transformation unfolded over the years, my professional practice came into form as well, first around Rolfing, then later integrating Hakomi and Mindful Movement. Through my journey I’ve changed my body, my mind, and my relationships, and have connected to my deep sense of purpose in life.

My practice is the result of nearly 20 years of growth and personal transformation, of diving deep into myself to remove the barriers I’ve had to my natural evolution. I know first-hand how transformational this work can be, and I look forward to traveling alongside you as you chart your own journey to a more-evolved you.

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Mike Williams, Certified Rolfer & Certified Hakomi Practitioner
Mike Williams