Susan Rinkus Farrell is a Board-Certified Nurse Practitioner, Continence Specialist & Certified Health Coach and she’s passionate about breaking the silence surrounding the stigma of bladder control problems in women.

She’s the founder & owner of Healthy Bladder Solutions for Women Health Coaching.

As a nurse practitioner health coach, I help women to recognize their ambivalence to change, empower them with knowledge through empathetic support, and guide them to create space for transformation to take back control of their life from embarrassing bladder control problems.”

Susan helps her clients address their ambivalence to change and together they create a personalized HealthyBladder program.

My personal experience of becoming my own most complicated patient, helped guide me to the path of becoming a health coach. You can read more about Susan’s journey here >>>

Susan’s been an advocate for women’s health since beginning her nursing career in 1985 as a high-risk labor & delivery nurse and then opening Healthy Bladder Solutions for Women in 2007 as a nurse practitioner where she offered biofeedback and electrical stimulation therapies for women experiencing bladder control problems.

She was selected to be on the Project Advisory Council for the National Association for Continence.

Susan transitioned her clinical practice into a virtual health coaching practice where she offers private and convenient one-on-one and group health coaching sessions.

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Susan Rinkus Farrell
Susan Rinkus Farrell