Occupational Therapist, & AWC Steering Committee Member

I am a Master’s level Occupational Therapist who graduated from OT school in 1981. I have worked as an OT in a wide variety of settings and still love my work!

Many years ago, I realized that people in pain do not want to do exercise. I started massaging my patients for a few minutes at the start of each treatment and found that I got a much better level of participation. Over the intervening years, I have developed my own method of using superficial myofascial release, a hands-on technique, to reduce pain and try to facilitate permanent soft tissue changes and healing.

I have also developed a technique for significantly reducing or even permanently eliminating phantom pain in amputees and have conducted research in this area.

One area of specialization that particularly appeals to me is working with folks on the Autism Spectrum (ASD) and children with learning disabilities using a sensory integrative approach.

I don’t have a website for my private practice, but I do see patient’s in their homes at an affordable rate. Please reach out through Facebook if you’re interested in setting up a consultation.

I look forward to learning of and participating with the group’s new and exciting ideas!

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Trudy Martinez