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Site Stats – August 2019

By Jazael Martinez, AWC Webmaster & Freelance Developer:

Since the start of my joining up with AWC, we’ve had a lot of changes and upgrades to AWC’s home on the web.

We’ve gone from basic, static pages on the original Weebly site, to the creation of this WordPress site with custom features.

Our efforts here, and on our social media pages are to promote not only the Collaborative but more importantly, our members. The ability for members to promote their work on our Blog, and our Directory, are just two of the many benefits to being an Official AWC Member.

Being listed, and promoted does count!

Visitor Statistics

*as of August 19th, 2019

AWC Site Stats Chart

Here, we see that visitors view our pages around 8,000 times per month and we have a bit under a 1000 unique monthly visitors visiting about 1.6 times per month.

*Robot (non-human) traffic is Not included in these figures.

Our Best is yet to come!

August is shaping up to be our best month so far. With about a third of the month left to go we’ve already surpassed other months of this year.

We’re always thinking about ways to improve, and provide more value to our members. We currently have a few improvements on the way, including improving our listing tags.

A Special Thanks to Our Members

Thank you for being here. ❤

As always, we are here for you.

If you haven’t yet sent us your Directory information, please do. Even if you don’t have a website you can use your listing page to promote your business and even receive mail.

(p.s. if you need web help I have special discounts just for AWC members – see my site for more about me, Jazael)

*Not yet a member?

Learn more on this site, and sign-up on our Pricing Page.

If you have any questions, get in touch!