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Dr. Brown Featured in Men’s Health!

Look for AWC’s Dr. Gregory Scott Brown in the next issue of Men’s Health!

Gregory Scott Brown, M.D.

Gregory Scott Brown, M.D., is a Psychiatrist and Founder of the Center for Green Psychiatry“an Austin-based wellness advocacy platform and collaboration of independent outpatient clinics.”

Dr. Brown believes in an integrative approach to health and wellness, as well as promoting positive mental health discourse through writing, community engagement and media.

Dr. Brown writes:

I know depression. Every day I help people overcome it. I’ve lived through it. I wrote this story late at night, during lunch breaks, and on airplanes. I listened to songs that reminded me of a time in my life that sometimes I’d rather forget. I took long walks. If this story can help one man see that hope, and love, and beauty are possible then it’s served its purpose. I put a little heart and soul into this. I hope someone is inspired. Will be on stands soon.

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