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Using “Energy Hands” in a Distance Healing Session

By MaryAnn Reynolds,

MaryAnn offers Advanced Integrative Bodywork:

TMJ Relief • Craniosacral Therapy • Biodynamics • Zero Balancing

She has recently started offering “Integrative Tele-Healing Sessions“:

This is energetic healing from my home to yours. I’m offering 60- and 90-minute sessions, and I’m still offering free 15-minute phone consultations if you have questions.

In her recent post she shares:

When I started doing distance sessions at the beginning of the COVID lockdown in March, I would feel energy pouring out of my hands just as I would when doing bodywork with someone in my office, even though the receivers were sometimes in other states.

Learn more about Tele-Healing & “Energy Hands” on MaryAnn’s blog: